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ThoughtSpace is a mental health practice founded by Akshada, who is also our principal therapist. At ThoughtSpace, we believe in creating mental health awareness and making quality mental health care accessible to all.

We believe that every individual can be enabled through strategies designed in therapy to manage their thoughts, emotions, relationships, and other areas of life in the best possible way.

We are creating safe spaces through our support groups and "talk it out circles" where people from all walks of life can come together and share their experiences and challenges.

ThoughtSpace has a range of therapy services to offer for individuals, couples, groups as well as corporate teams.


Akshada Anikhindi

Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapist - 
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hi! I am Akshada Anikhindi, a Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapist - Clinical Hypnotherapist, an NLP Master Practitioner, founder & principal therapist at ThoughtSpace. 


A mental health practitioner and advocate committed to creating awareness about the importance of mental health. Being an Ally, we are committed to creating acceptance and equality for LGBTQIA+, striving to break gender stereotypes and roles. Promoting body positivity and striving to create awareness and acceptance arising due to body image issues.


I am constantly learning, unlearning, or relearning concepts, societal structures, roles, and how our culture and conditioning impacts us through our adult life.

Meet the Founder

Challenges we can help you with:​

  • Sleep Counselling

  • Grief Counselling

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Body Image Issues

  • Addictions, phobias, dissociation

  • Depression, Stress and trauma, PTSD

  • Eating disorders & weight management

  • Relationship Counselling, including premarital counselling, family dynamics, friendships and navigating interpersonal interactions 

  • Executive & leadership coaching for career counselling, goal setting & goal accomplishment including corporate group workshops or sessions

  • Other emotional issues like loneliness, guilt, fear, confidence management, overcoming imposter syndrome, coping with Gaslighting 

ThoughtSpace Services:


Individual Therapy Sessions

Corporate & Group Workshops

Group Therapy & Support Circles

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Let's Talk

To reach out to us, use the below contact form or the details provided and I will guide you further to book a session.

Location: Thane, MH


Mobile: +91 9920 911 282

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